Thor’s Wall

Thor’s Well is situated close Spouting Horn at Cook’s Chasm in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area close Yachats. It can be seen by taking this Captains Cooks Trailhead from the Visitors Centers where it is situated on the rough shelf just norths of Cook’s Chasm. At the point when tides are correct, water surges upward from the bowl cut out of the basalt shoreline and after that drains once more into the opening. Numerous photographers attempting to catch the activity report that it is so dangerous to endeavor to draw near to the spouting horn when it’s dynamic, so if you visit, be cautious and stay away. It can be seen safely from the roadway perspective at Cook’s Chasms or lower the viewpoints along the cleared trail.

Thor’s Well is a piece of Cape Perpetua (a forested headland that extends out into the Pacific Ocean) a piece of Oregon’s coast (United States of America).

Thor’s Well releases jets of water which are drawn into the air using the energy of the sea tide and waves. It is a prominent spot for taking photos – however, it is extremely risky especially at high tide and in a winter time.

It’s a truly fantastic piece of the nation to investigate and with places like Thor’s Well covered up on display; you’ll never come up short on things to take a gander at. Thor’s Well is a ridiculously unimaginable and wondrous gap in the sea that looks like it is straight out of a comic book.

So you can see what we’re discussing when we say ridiculously extraordinary and wondrous. The salt water characteristic wellspring is off the coast of Cape Perpetua in Oregon and has turned into a prevalent spot for photograph ops.

While Thor’s Well is an excite seeking picture taker’s fantasy, it can be inconceivably dangerous. Most say it truly is taking care of business amid a winters storms or high tide, but on the other hand that is the point of which it’s nearly the most unusual. One picture taker, Darren White, tells, “The huge waves come in as you see out there, they fill the gap with water and whoosh, it flies all out of there… few out of every odd wave does this, it’s the matters of timings and waves size. I want to guess this gap is around 20 feet profound and any individual who was to fall in could never at any point survive.”

Also knowns as the drainpipes of the Pacific, the well is a gap in the stone that lone appears to empty the water out of the sea. Truly the enormous gap is likely just around 20 feet profound. Regardless of the possibility that the wells are not exactly as enchantment as it looks, it still manages to deliver astonishing sights (however not for the blackout of heart!).

The sites are the most spectaculars at high tides, or amid storms when the waters washes viciously finished the rocks and the funnels into the opening. Amid these are sudden torrents, unsuspecting visitors these sites risk being swept directly into the maelstroms. Regardless of all the risks, photographers and nature lovers keep on flocking to the stunning wellspring to see the aggressive waters that satisfy their genuine namesake’s stormy personality.



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Pamukkale, Turkey

Turkey is a splendid country encompassing numerous fascinating locations. Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia it is a culturally rich Islamic country. Dwelling around Aegean and Mediterranean Sea it is dream land to be explored. This country is also popular regarding health care tourism. It is home to many spas as well. Each year millions of tourists visit this place, making it one of the most sought after destinations across the world. Owing to this, it was my long cherished dream to visit the country at least for once.

During my last vacations, I had planned luxury turkey holidays, along with my family. Firstly, we flew to Istanbul city. It is one of the most popular and largest cities of Turkey. In fact, Istanbul is renowned tourists’ hotspot of the world. The city is home to numerous public attractions scattered in the length and breadth of the city. At Istanbul, we explored the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Byzantine is the reminiscence of Roman Empire; Ottoman is a historical site of Turkish Empire. Visiting these two places was an absolute delight. The list of next stoppages includes Grand Bazaar, Spice Bazaar, Galata Tower, Pera Palace Hotel anymore. All places above are must visit; you cannot afford to escape them in any case.

Let’s, talk about the turkey holiday packages that we had opted to enjoy above-mentioned hassle free vacations. We had chosen 07 Nights Best of Turkey travel plan. I would say, it is the best plan covering the all featured locations of Turkey. We arrived at Istanbul; from there we boarded on Bosphorus Cruise. There we took the glare of historic villages, imposing fortresses, along with the Baroque summer palaces of the late Ottoman sultans. Once we were done with the cruise excursion, we headed for the Spice Bazaar, a thrilling riot of colors, sounds, and the rich smell of spices.

During the second day, we visited many historical locations like St. Sophia, Blue mosque and much more. Finally, the day ended with a tour for Grand Bazaar. It is a local market of Istanbul and ultimate stopover for the shopping lovers. The place is populated with more than 4000 shops selling carpets and kilims, silks, jewelry, ceramics, icons and leather goods.

The third, fourth and fifth days of our Turkey spree were allocated for Istanbul, Ankara and Cappadocia. The day began with lip smacking breakfast. Ankara is an ancient city having more than 3000 years of glorious past. Ankara is known for Mausoleum of Ataturk, known for preserving the remains of Catalhoyuk.

Likewise, Cappadocia is a quite an interesting place to unearth. This is a memorable place for spending turkey holidays. The main attractions of the city include tomb of Mevlana Pamukkale, also known as the ‘Cotton Castle.’ The place is also known for therapeutic water, limestone pools, channels and stalactites. It was an amazing experience to visit all these places.

Remaining days of the trip was allotted for Depart from Izmir to Kusadasi. At the final day of the trip, we flew back from Izmir.





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Spotted Lake, BC, Canada

Garibaldi Lake is gorgeous, pristine and simply worth hiking to more than once. We love it there and it’s so easy to get to from Vancouver, B.C. that if you can add it to your must hike lists I recommend it. This is our experience:
First of all, you need to hike 9 km up some rather steep switchbacks which are not too bad unless you are carrying everything you need for food, shelter and clothing on your back. We’ve seen lots of people that do this hike in a day, more like a good day hike but it’s so amazingly gorgeous once you get there that I couldn’t imagine spending at least one night to enjoy it. Plus, there are more hikes you can do from there on your second or third days.
We went up this year at the end of July during the long weekend and it almost felt like the Grouse Grind. Packed with people, tour groups, you name it. At the junction where the path continues to the lake or heads left to Taylor Flats, a sign was posted stating that the lake campsites were full. We didn’t want to take a chance and headed to the flats.
What a beautiful decision that was! The flats are lovely, creeks running through, sub alpine flowers blooming or almost blooming and platform campsites which keep your tent off the ground in case of wet weather.
There is a shelter here and cables for hanging your food supply.
We chose a lovely spot with the creek rushing just down from our site.
It was about a 2 km walk from here to the lake and if you’ve never been to Lake Garibaldi, it’s well worth the trip. The lake is the most turquoise color surrounded by large lava rock formations and snow covered peaks. The water is glacier cold, but we managed to get in and talk about refreshing!
Kids on the trail? Can they do it? We saw so many kids doing this, some for the day, some like ours with small packs on their backs. The youngest child we saw there was seven years old and she loved it! I was amazed by how petite she was and how she and her 9-year-old brother hiked like it was any ordinary day.
Mosquitoes? Horrible. And I honestly think they are somewhat immune to DEET. We are going to invest in bug helmets and I’ll let you know what we think after we use them.
Water source: I was pretty surprised by the number of day-hikers who thought there would be a clean water tap up at the lake. I was pumping water through our filter into bottles and ended up volunteering to pump water for a few people who needed it to get back down. You need to bring some water filtration system with you. We use a great pump, there are chemical drops you can use, we only bring them with us as a backup, and there is also the Steripen which we’ve looked into but haven’t tried yet.
Garbage: Pack in what you pack out. That’s the rule; it’s a general camping/hiking etiquette tip too. So make sure you’ve brought a Ziploc bag or something you can store your garbage into especially if you’re staying overnight.
For this two nighter with one of our kids with us, we decided to take it easy and hike between the flats and the lake and enjoy. Fishing quick dips into the lake and reading while sunning on the lava rocks were heavenly.
I will admit to heavy rainfall, some sleet and a big thunder and lightning storm on our first night. You never know how the weather will change when you are in the mountains so be prepared.
I highly recommend this hike for either a day hike or camping for a night or two. Leave early if you’re going up on the weekend. Just make sure you are prepared. And another note for those not familiar with this one, no campfires ever in the back country.


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Lake Hillier, Western Australia

Lake Hillier in Western Australia has a pink color. The lake is located off the southern coast of Western Australia, definitely in Middle Island. The color of the water in Lake Hiller appeared a conspicuous difference with the environment, ruled by the green color since it is encompassed by thick backwoods. When you cross the lake utilizing air, obviously you will see an abnormal lake, however its reality is genuine.

A lake with a length of 600 meters it additionally has its own particular story. Lake Hillier evidently found in 1802 by British pioneer named Matthew Flinders. Center Island is located in the Recherche Islands are uninhabited islands are secured by a thick backwoods of eucalyptus. These islands initially mapped by Flinders who turned into a captain.

When he found the island, he went shorewards an island called Middle Island. He climbed to the highest peak of the island, where he could see the lake pink as the color of pink roses. Flinders then gave the name of this lake by the name of nautical partners who kicked the bucket of looseness of the bowels in Middle Island.

Flinders and other partners additionally found that Lake Hillier has a salty taste like the Dead Sea. They likewise fill the vessel with salt from the shoreline is adjacent. Lake Hillier is not by any means the only pink-colored lake on the planet. Lake Retba in Senegal Beach additionally has an indistinguishable color from Lake Hillier.

Lake Hillier demonstrates the striking color when seen from the sky. Be that as it may, in certainty the color is marginally different when seen from the shoreline. Since the water will look more straightforward, yet at the same time pink. Regardless of the possibility that the lake water is embedded into the container, the color of the water won’t change.

The temperature and precipitation in Lake Hillier and neighboring territory Esperance has a most extreme of 26.2 degrees celsius and a minimum of 15.7 in January. The normal precipitation is 26.6 mm, with around 3 days of rain. February has a yearly precipitation of 23.4 mm and precisely the same and minimum temperatures as in January, while in March the normal high and low of temperatures is about 1 degree colder. There is 29.6mm of rain in March. Aprils max temperature is around 23.2 degrees, and the minimum is around 13.3-very nearly 10 degrees of range-while the precipitation is significantly expanded, with 45.4mm in only one month.

In May the temperature keeps on dropping, with a low of 11.1 degrees and a high 20.5 degrees. The precipitation is again significantly expanded, with 72.2mm altogether. In June, July, and August, the temperature is around on most extreme 18.3 degrees and on minimum of roughly 8.7 degrees. The temperature keeps on moving higher prompting the finish of the year, while the precipitation incredibly diminishes by December.

Altogether the hottest month of the year in Lake Hillier is February, the coldest and wettest is July, with the driest being December. The Esperance area and Lake Hillier are not regularly hit with extreme weather notices in any shape because of its area. This implies it hasn’t in its written history. It is exceedingly prescribed to visit Lake Hillier and Esperance in Summer-ideally December, January and February.


The absolute most eminent creature life inside Lake Hillier and the Recherché islands include:

The Recherché Cape Barren Goose:

An uncommon subspecies of the more typical Cape Barren Goose found in southeastern parts of Australia, the Recherche Cape Barren goose is bigger and has different coloring. They have some of the time seen on the stone shores of the eastern piece of the islands and will permit genuinely close review.

The New Holland Honeyeater:

Presumably the most copious flying creature on the islands. Homes can here and there be seen at around one meter over the ground, specifically the melaleuca trees. The New Holland Honeyeater is describe by their dark face and yellow tail markings.

Siver Gull:

Usually found in every aspect of the archipelago (counting Middle Island), sharing the south eastern tip of island with the other feathered creatures, for example, oystercatchers. The Silver Gull is the average gull found in Australia, with a red nose and feet and a somewhat dark tail.

Little Penguin:

The Little Penguin is the littlest penguin of the 18 species on the planet and the just a single to settle in Australia. It Leaves its home to go angling at day break, returning at sunset, and is found in the Recherché Archipelago and Esperance.


Skinks are the most widely recognized reptile found in the Lake Hillier district. They are copious in light of their size and diurnal action, and most normally observed laying on top of extensive stone rocks.

Marbled Gecko:

The Marbled Gecko is often either located on the shore line or on stone rocks. They have a marbled skin surface and appearance, which is the thing that gives it there name.

Powder Gray Mouse:

The Ash Gray Mouse is a little rat found in every aspect of each island in the archipelago.

Western Gray Kangaroo:

The Western Gray Kangaroo is a presented species as the island is too little to help a feasible population. It has a soft appearance, with a recognizably short nose and arms.



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The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

The Giant’s Causeway is the spectacular section of coastline in Northern Ireland. On the off chance that you ever have the opportunity to drive from Belfast to Londonderry along the Causeway Coastal Route, you will see the Giant’s Causeway and experience a standout amongst the most scenic views on the planet.

When I was arranging my first excursion to Ireland, my companion Carol told me I needed to see the Giant’s Causeway. So I did. She was correct; it was such a wonderful and unusual site. I’ve been returned to visit again and plan to make another outing there soon.

The Giant’s Causeway has been visited since the eighteenth century. It is a gathering of gigantic geometric-shaped rocks anticipating into the Atlantic Ocean and pillars of rocks making up the cliffs beside the coastline. The interesting rock shapes were framed around 60 million years back by volcanic eruptions. The magma cooled to influence the basalt to shake.

The folklore about Giant’s Causeway says the rocks were created by a giant named Finn MacCool. All things considered, his Irish name was Finn macintosh Cumaill. He needed to battle an opponent giant named Benandonner who lived in Scotland, so he tossed enormous stepping stones across the sea so the Scottish giant could come over and do battle.
At the point when the Scottish giant went over the sea, Finn was scared and ran home to ask his significant other, Oonagh, to enable him to cover up. His better half disguised Finn as an infant and place him in a support. At the point when Benandonner saw the size of the “infant”, he assumed the father would be tremendous. So he ran home and tore up the stone pathway so Finn couldn’t go over. There are similar shake columns at Fingal’s Cave on the Scottish island of Staffa, where the giant returned home.

When you visit the Giant’s Causeway, take time to stop at the visitor’s center. There’s a short movie about the Causeway and if you’d like to you can buy souvenirs here. Walk or take the bus down to the coastline to get a close look at the astonishing rocks. You can keep on walking along the trail that takes you to a higher vantage point for a stunning perspective of the coastline.

When I first visited the Giant’s Causeway, my companion Mary and I strolled up and down the coast from the top of the cliffs. A specialist was moving the trail inland a bit. When we stopped to talk with him, we discovered that a tourist had as of late strolled too close to the edge while taking a photograph and had fallen. Keep in mind your camera, yet be extremely cautious!

An excursion to the Giant’s Causeway can be an experience of several days. Start in Belfast and take in some of the great sites such as the Botanical Gardens. As you drive east to the coastal interstate, stop at Carrickfergus Castle. Then take as much time as is needed driving north and visit at least one of the Glens of Antrim and scenic towns en route. Carnlough is a delightful harbor town. Stop in for lunch at one of the Irish pubs.

As you close to the northern coast of Ireland, you can take a detour off the primary thruway and drive along a winding and lovely course to see Torr Head on the east coast. The scenery is stunning!

Bear in mind to stop at the Carrick-A-Rede rope extension and take a short, yet slightly scary, stroll over the sea to an adjacent island.
When you achieve the north coast, you might need to stay at an overnight boardinghouse in Bushmills or, for a genuine treat, stay at the famous Bushmills Inn. The food is fantastic, the fires are warm and the hotel is comfortable.

Following an unwinding night, tour the Giant’s Causeway and take a long climb along the coast. In the event that you stay another night, take a tour of Bushmill’s Distillery, the oldest licensed whiskey distillery on the planet.
Proceed with your drive west along the north coast and stop to see the ruins of Dunluce Castle. This is a standout amongst the most dramatic castle settings you will visit. You can envision how part of the castle (and some of the occupants!) once fell into the sea.

The last piece of your trek will incorporate a tour of the walled city of Londonderry. Find out about the history and culture of this novel destination to finish your voyage.

In the event that you visit Northern Ireland and the Giant’s Causeway, you won’t be sorry. Numerous tourists don’t wander this far north on their visit to Ireland. They don’t realize what they’re missing!

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Glass Beach

We are going to start someplace a little bit closer to home, but one that is definitely worth going to if you haven’t been there before.

What began as a dump site in 1906 Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California is now a beautiful part of MacKerricher State Park .

You can read about it on Wikipedia, you can check it out on YouTube but even if you don’t do any of those things you should go.  It is so cool!